Honiara Red Cross Special Development Centre (RCSDC) receives donated stationery

Honiara Red Cross Special Development Centre (RCSDC) receives donated stationery

Posted by : frank short Posted on : 21-Apr-2021

I was pleased to have learned today that the ‘Eve Zumba Exercise Class’ in Honiara has donated, as part of its charity initiatives, school stationery to the Red Cross Special Development Centre at Rifle Range.

When making the donations yesterday, the Eve Zumba class instructor, Evelyn Basi, said the donation was part of the charitable incentive of her exercise class regularly makes as way of giving back to the community.

Ms. Basi explained the donations were funded through her class session takings and there would be three more charity events from her class later on this year.

“Our takings every day we set aside amounts towards charity,” she said.

The Special Development Centre is one of the programmes under the Red Cross umbrella for children with disabilities.

Seventy-eight students with special needs enrolled this year in the school.

Source. Island Sun newspaper.


I thank the Eve Zumba Exercise Class for the charitable work regularly undertaken and especially for the donation of stationery to the RCSDC.

The Centre itself is situated in a low lying area of Rifle Range and subject to flooding during heavy rain, although I don’t know whether the flooding problem has now been overcome.

A couple of years ago, when flooding in the month of May, caused water penetration into the Centre and the evacuation of the children and the suspension of classes, I requested the then Manger of the RCSDC to obtain an estimate of the ground works needed to overcome the flooding problems.

Once I had the estimate, the then Australian High Commissioner was given a copy of the ground works needs and it was agreed the Australian High Commission would assist using contingency funds to bring about an end to the regular flooding concerns.

Soon afterwards the then Manager of the RCSDC left the job and thereafter I was never told whether the flooding concerns had been attended to, but I hope they were.

Yours sincerely

Frank Short



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