Posted by : Quoting Radio New Zealand Posted on : 23-Apr-2020

Humanitarian assistance for the Solomon Islands.

The widespread damage to homes and food gardens in North-East Guadalcanal has left many people struggling to out their lives together and hoping to be able to get relief supplies through the National Disaster Management Centre.

The impact of Tropical Cyclone Harold has seen more than 8 percent of the people of Guadalcanal Province left in desperate need and especially as the loss of food gardens as meant basic foods are in very short supply.

The Chinese (PRC) government’s  aid supplies  in support of Covid-19 preventative operations has reportedly just arrived in the country and the supplies come on top of substantial financial support given by the PRC in recent date to help with relief efforts already underway by the NDMC.

It was reported yesterday the government of the United States had also made available funds to aid the NDMC get the much needed relief assistance to those that have been left desperate in Guadalcanal  Province.

One can only be profoundly appreciative and grateful for such relief from international partners.

Through my website  I  recentlyreceived an enquiry from an internationally known humanitarian organization wishing to help the Solomon Islands with relief supplies, and as I understand it, with possible medical supplies.

My ability to put the organisation in touch has been frustrated and I write to please ask the Solomon Islands Government to say how extra humanitarian help might be welcomed and enquiries channeled for the benefit of the people of the Solomon Isands.  Perhaps a link on the SIG’s website could suitably give such information.

Yours sincerely

Frank Short

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