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21 July 2018

Letter to the Editors of Island Sun and Solomon Star newspapers.


Hydroponic crop cultivation in old shipping containers.

As a follow-up to recent articles I have written to your newspaper on hydroponic farming methods I believe could usefully be undertaken in the Solomon Island to provide jobs, exports and improve livelihoods if adopted on a commercial sc ale with either SIG or foreign investment, I came across a very interesting promotional feature on Linkedin which I am happy to share with your readership.

Here is what the feature read (quote)

I would suggest any interested parties take a look at the website which I have mentioned.

Make your farm inside refurbished old used shipping container. Retrofit 40-foot-long shipping containers and turn them into farms that yield as many leafy greens as 5 acres of farmland using very less water. 25 gallons of water a day is all it needs. Climate controls and LED grow lights also help nurture crops including butterhead lettuce, baby kale, Italian basil, and arugula with a wasabi-like kick. 4000 heads of lettuce can come from a single farm every 10 to 12 days. They grow from seed to full maturity in 30 days whereas outdoor farming takes at least 60 days. Containers can be placed near to the distribution/retail centers to save travel on supply chain. With an additional 2.5 billion people expected to live on planet earth by 2050, along with increased environmental stresses, productive farmland shrinking and a population migrating to cities, efficient urban farms have the opportunity to help feed the world. Reference TerraFarms, Local Roots. Watch https://lnkd.in/f32ZVrN

 Yours sincerely

Frank Short


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