Lagoe community benefits from EU- RWASH Water project

Lagoe community benefits from EU- RWASH Water project

Posted by : Frank Short Posted on : 23-Jan-2022
Lagoe community benefits from EU RWASH Water project

Largoe's community’s wish for a water rehabilitation project has now come true, thanks to the European Union (EU) and RWASH for stepping in with a solution to the community’s need.

Lagoe is a community located inland in the Baegu Asifola electorate in Malaita Province with a population close to 700 people.

The community has benefited from a water supply project back in late 1980s which has continued to supply the community with clean and fresh water for drinking and cooking for the past three decades.

In early 2000, iron piping connecting the water source to the community rotted, including stand pipes. This resulted in water leakages, triggering the community to call for water rehabilitation to cater for its growing population.

The community launched an application through RWASH in Auki back in 2014 for a water rehabilitation project.

After a long wait, the water rehabilitation project was approved after seven years. The implementation of the project commenced in December 2021.

In January 2022, the project was finally completed.

The project included building of a new dam, new concrete tank, and ten new stand pipes which were successfully installed in the community.

According to the RWASH office in Auki, the project was funded by the EU under RWASH.

While the project was fully funded by the EU through RWASH, the Member of Parliament (MP) for Baegu Asifola Makario Tagini also supported the project by using constituency money to meet the survey cost for engineers to survey the water project.

The Lagoe community is thankful to the European Union, RWASH, and Baegu Asifola Constituency, and those that put hands together in one way or the other which has resulted in the successful completion of the much needed water rehabilitation project.

Source. Solomon Star NEWS.

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