Posted by : Posted on : 17-Sep-2015

Honiara : 17 September 2015.

Letter to the Editor, Solomon Star Newspaper.

Ten old and disabled residents of Kaokarangana village in Central Makira Constituency were reported in your newspaper, today, to have been given solar panels by their Constituency Development Officer, Gravis Tahiri.

According to comments by Mr. Tahiri, more than 200 sets of 20 watt solar panels have already been distributed to constituency members so far.

This story highlights the effective use of constituency funds in aiding the community with the means of solar lighting units and the Central Makira Constituency appears to be lighting the way and setting the right example to be followed by other constituencies throughout the provinces.

It is my hope that solar lighting power units will reach the needy and disadvantaged as soon as fresh imports of solar products are received. Currently, from enquiries I have made, new stocks have been ordered by the distributor in Honiara but are yet to arrive.

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