Local photographers raising funds for girl diagnosed with heart failure disease and needing medical treatment in Australia

Local photographers raising funds for girl diagnosed with heart failure disease and needing medical treatment in Australia

Posted by : frank short Posted on : 14-May-2021

An appeal first raised in yesterday’s Solomon Star newspaper, and one that I supported in a letter to the media, also yesterday, has met with a fund raising effort by a team from the ‘One More Shot’ photographers at Dreamcast.

The team will be out on Honiara’s streets today and on Friday to try to raise funds to help the young girl.

The Solomon Star newspaper had this to say this morning, Thursday, quote.

The fund raising is for Linda Mabo a 16 year old girl who is diagnosed with heart failure disease, a disease that has claimed the lives of many people in the country.

Linda’s family in North East Guadalcanal made a public appeal on 9th May to the general public to support them to raise 300k for their daughter to be operated on in Australia for heart failure brought on by Rheumatic Heart Disease.

According to Linda’s medical report which was signed by Dr Jason Itaku Linda has needed to undergo Heart Surgery since 18th March, 2021.

The OMS team will set up a photo-shoot-stall-booth at Honiara City Council Headquarters and in the old Pro 31 area.

OMS team was formed by the local photographers with one goal to save lives of people who are desperately in need of health assistance by using the power of the camera’s lens to raise money.

A statement from OMS said that they want to save the little Linda because she deserves a second chance in life.


A tremendous effort by the OMS team which I very much hope will see the public respond generously to help pay for Linda to go to Australia very soon and for her to get the specialist heart treatment she is said to urgently require.

I hope, too, there will be help coming from local business houses, organizations, banks, associations and companies that can help pay for Linda’s air fare and medical expenses.

The medical treatment Linda is said to need is unavailable at the National Referral Hospital or elsewhere in the Solomon Islands.

Yours sincerely

Frank Short


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