Man blong Santo goes home

Man blong Santo goes home

Posted by : Frank Short Posted on : 15-Jun-2022
Man blong Santo goes home

Some of my letters are shared and read by readers in Vanuatu and I want to add a little story today as a tribute to my only son who passed away last week from a sudden heart attack while working in Singapore, aged 49 and leaving behind a wife and two teenage children.

Peter, was a gentle caring soul who was born in the hospital in Santo, then run by French doctors and French nurses and local nursing aids and staff.

It was 1972 when he was delivered by one of the French doctors on 12 July.

I believe his place of birth had consequences for his placid loving nature nurtured in his formative years by caring Melanesian people, his deep and enduring passion for the sea, for nature, for mangoes and for frangipani flowers, especially the red variety.

His favourite spot on Santo was Champaign Beach where he loved to play and splash in the crystal clear pinkish water.

He will no longer return to his place of birth, but I can image him returning in spirit.

Thank you Vanuatu for giving me my son and being a major part of his being.

Yours sincerely

Frank Short

(Former OCPD, Santo)

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