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Praiseworthy community project planned in Daolusu to rehabilitate mangrove forests and the marine eco-system.

With help of NZ$18,000.00 from the Pacific Development and Conservation Trust, the Daolusu Community of Ward 30 in Malaita Province will soon embark on a project to rehabilitate their mangrove forests and conserve the marine eco-system of their mangroves.

The project has been a dream of George Faubata and the young people of the community for quite a long while.

George, a youth worker in the community, graduated with a Diploma in Youth and Community Studies with the Ola Fou Youth and Community Development program in 2018.

Ola Fou is a training provider for youth workers in the Pacific providing courses on youth development and community studies.

George Faubata and the youth researched their community needs and realized the depletion of their mangrove forest was due to over harvesting as a result of population growth.

With the depletion of their mangroves and the challenges of climate change, the coastal community of Daolusu is also in danger of high tides and strong winds during rainy and stormy weather.

The Daolusu community is now looking forward to implementing their activities soon with the support of key stakeholders in conservation in the country, more specifically in Malaita Province.

Ola Fou Solomons is playing a facilitating role in the whole project design.

Community ownership to such an important undertaking is essential for the activity’s sustainability and the community members have vowed to give their utmost.

Mangrove is a source of livelihood for the Daolusu community as it provides for their daily needs.

The mangrove fruit is a delicacy and the mangrove themselves provide a haven for other marine resources like fish, shells and crabs for the community.

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