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Honiara : 23 October 2015

Letter to the Editor, Solomon Star Newspaper.

Just over a week ago I witnessed the tremendous reception of the Solomon Islands delegation to the World Council Meeting of the international representatives of the Young Women’s’ Christian Association here in Bangkok.
I was very privileged to witness the reception accorded to them and delighted to know of the way they delivered their presentations to an international audience exceeding 500 or more delegates, not counting the international press representation.

In a word I felt proud of them.

In the last few days Ms Justine Braithwaite, the Special Coordinator of the Regional Assistance Mission to the Solomon Islands (RAMSI) , has ended her term of office in the Solomon Islands and encouraging words came from the Hon Prime Minister in respect of her service to the Solomon Islands, but, significally, it was left to a Doctor Peeple’s who said, ‘Solomon Islands was a wonderful country with so much potential that its citizens can realize by working together.”

Yes, here lies the pathway to the future, working together.

Please believe me, I haven’t a political bone in my body and all I wish, and ever have , is for the Solomon Islands to be united, strong, an independent as a sovereign  nation and to progress, cognizant of he needs and aspirations of its people.

It hurt me deeply, today, to learn of the decision of several Honorable Ministers of the DCCG to resign and I would sincerely urge them in the national interest to consider their decisions.

His Excellency the Governor General, who is above politics, wisely calls for job creation to ensure the nation progresses to an economical and social future for the benefit of all its citizens.

The economic situation is intertwined with the very fabric of the Solomon Islands and is closely linked to political stability cooperation, mutual respect and engagement by all concerned, politicians, and citizens.

Please, do try your very best to resolve different, political viewpoints to ensure the welfare and needs of the country I so admire and wish the very best for the future.

Last week we heard of the very tragic death of a 9 yr old girl, allegedly raped and savishly murdered.  Is this the kind of image we wish the world to see of the Solomon Islands?

Please, Honourable Members of Parliament, put the Solomon Islands first and continue to work towards national unity and let the world witness a nation proud of its sovereign rights and human dignity. 


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