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New scheme of service for doctors, dentists on the way

The Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation SIBC) released this news bulletin tonight, 8 January 2018 (quote)

“The Solomon Islands Medical Association and the Ministry of Public Service on behalf of the Government are expected to sign the updated scheme of service for the country’s medical doctors and dentists this week.

“Solomon Islands Medical Association President Dr Claude Posala said the document contains instructions and details of doctors’ remunerations and other benefits in the public service.

“The revised scheme is undergoing a final review and should be ready for the Government and SIMA to sign later this week.

“Dr Posala said the current scheme of service is a 10-year-old document that was due for review in 2015.

“The medical association, which has nearly 200 members, rejected two previous proposals for new schemes of service before planning a strike.

“SIMA deferred the strike  and called them off at the end of last month after discussions with Government ministries.”

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