News reporting

News reporting

Posted by : Frank Short Posted on : 19-Jan-2022

I look to the local Solomon Islands media daily, and to Radio New Zealand, to update myself on current news, events and announcements, but can no longer access news from the Solomon Star newspaper, as was the situation last year, 2021.

It has been suggested I should update my browser and see if that would fix the situation, but it hasn’t and the only posts that I see when reaching the Star’s published website are news stories with photos dating back to Christmas time last year, or one or more articles in early January this year.

As anyone else experienced the same problems, or does anyone offer a solution?

My voluntary reporting in support of the Solomon islands continues via my international website for which I maintain the domain and which I launched as a contribution to helping the country as best I could while overseas.

The website is written up daily and my articles posted on the front page and on Linkedin every day, seven days a week.

From the website one can, with a simple click, get access to the SIVB, Solomon Airways and the SIBC – and the Solomon Star website.

The news I bring via my website has a focus on “good news” where possible and serves to illustrate causes such as disability, health services and needs, conservation, biodiversity, voluntary service, community development, infrastructure improvements, justice and human rights and, most recently, the work of the MHMS and the government in effectively handling the issues pertaining to the threat of Covid-19.

General health, nutrition, agricultural development, export promotion, fisheries, schools, WASH needs and education and gender equality I also try to cover, along with youth affairs, including job creation and unemployment needs of young people.

In my contribution to the news, I am mindful of avoiding a political slant to what I write but remain committed to one Solomon Islands, reconciliation and improved health and progress for all Solomon islanders, not forgetting the welfare needs of the nation.

Yours sincerely

Frank Short

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