“The National Referral Hospital (NRH) is implementing special emergency measures to respond to the threat of the new Coronavirus (COVID–19).

“Medical Superintendent (MS) Dr. John Hue said all non-urgent clinics and Hospital services are suspended until further notice”

“.Under the NRH Infection and Prevention Control (IPC) protocol, there is an urgent need to control the movement of visitors, vehicles, and parking at NRH, to reduce the risks of spreading COVID-19. The following control measures were approved by the NRH Executive to address these issues:

  1. NRH Vehicle Pass – Only vehicles with an NRH pass will be allowed into the hospital car park. Ambulances and emergency transport are exempted.
  2. Patients must limit their pick up and drop off time. Strictly no parking.
  3. An NRH Clinic Pass will be given to patients attending specialized clinics, e.g. Emergency department and Outpatient clinic review, Eye Clinics, Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT), Surgical Out-Patient Department clinics, Oncology, X-rays, Medical Lab, etc.. Patients will be given NRH Clinic pass by their nurse or doctor so they may access these services at NRH. Patients must keep it for the duration of their clinic visit and return it to their nurse or doctor when finished. Access to these clinical services will be denied without a clinic pass.
  4. NRH Ward Pass – Every patient admitted to NRH wards will be allowed only one (1) relative to stay at any one time. The relative must bring the NRH ward pass when returning to the ward. Relatives will not be able to enter the NRH wards without this pass.

“These control measures are being implemented to improve clinical care to patients,” Dr. Hue says. Complete recovery of patients is our priority. NRH is our one and only hospital that provides tertiary health services in the country.”

“The NRH Executive and the Ministry of Health & Medical Services ask the public to observe and support the new control measures to ensure NRH is safe and a healing place for our Solomon Islanders.

“Dr. Hue also reminded the public of the need to be practising health hygiene measures when they come to the hospital. “COVID-19 is spread when someone with the virus coughs, sneezes or breathes, sending infected droplets over others and onto surfaces. Everyone needs to get into the habit of covering their mouth and nose when coughing and sneezing, washing your hands often with water and soap, and keeping a safe distance from others if you are sick – at least 1 metre away.”

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