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NZ volunteer service to expand its work in the Pacific

Quoting Radio New Zealand – 29 May 2018

“The New Zealand volunteer agency, Volunteer Service Abroad, says a lift in funding from the New Zealand Government will allow it to expand services around the Pacific region.

“The 14 percent increase was announced today by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Winston Peters, who said VSA was an important partner for the government in supporting its regional development aspirations.

“According to Mr Peters, the extra money would mean VSA can increase the numbers of volunteers in places like Samoa and Tonga and start new programmes in Tuvalu and Fiji.

“The VSA chief executive, Stephen Goodman, said they also intended expanding their Univol programme, through which developmental geography graduates take on volunteer roles in the Pacific.

"We are looking at other academic areas that we can work with a broader range of students, but also working with academic staff, where we can actually create opportunities that they can take those skills that they have learnt, offshore and apply them in a practical environment.

"Most of those assignments tend to be six to ten months duration, but it is a great opportunity for them to turn theory into practice, but also expand their own knowledge and experience," Mr Goodman said.

“In his statement announcing the renewed funding agreement, the Minister said VSA would also mobilise volunteers to assist in disaster recovery through the creation of a new post-disaster Rapid Recovery Register.”

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