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Pacific measles outbreak: 'Diseases don't know borders'

Quoting Radio New Zealand – 28 October 2019

“While measles outbreaks in the Pacific are not yet under control, governments are being aggressive in their response to limit the virus's impact, UNICEF Pacific says.

“Samoa is still seeing increasing numbers of people becoming sick with 213 suspected measles cases and 15 of those have been confirmed by laboratory testing.

“Tonga also has a measles outbreak after a group of local high school rugby players contracted measles on a trip to Auckland, New Zealand.

“The kingdom has 68 suspected measles cases - that number is yet to be officially confirmed by health authorities.

“The Pacific Representative for the UN children's agency, Sheldon Yett, said the spread of measles in the region was a very dynamic situation.

"Diseases don't know borders. I think all governments have an obligation to put their resources into play here and to make sure populations do what is necessary.

“Mr Yett said the measles virus was highly contagious and the situation was particularly tough on countries with limited resources.

“Everyone must do what they could to get vaccinated and raise herd immunity to the potentially deadly illness, he said.”

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