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SIG and UN discuss Pacific Strategy

Quoting the Island Sun newspaper – 25 October 2019

“The Solomon Islands Government and United Nations held a Joint High Level Dialogue in Honiara yesterday.

“They discussed;
1. climate change resilience,
2. gender equality,
3. inclusive economic growth,
4. health and education,
5. governance and accountability and
6. human rights

“The Dialogue was part of the UN Pacific Strategy (UNPS) Review with the Government.

“The United Nations Pacific Strategy is a five year strategic framework that guides the operational activities of UN Agencies in the Pacific sub-region.

“The UNPS is aligned with the Solomon Islands National Development Strategy 2016 – 2035 as well as work towards advancing the 2030 Agenda.

“UN Resident Coordinator Sanaka Samarasinha, who is based in Suva, Fiji and Secretary to Prime Minister Dr Jimmy Rodgers, co-chaired the meeting.

“Speaking to media yesterday, Dr Rodgers said every single Sustainable Development Goals and those in the country’s National Development Strategy are captured in the six themes.

“He said this is the most important priority in 2020 which the 11 UN Agencies in Honiara will fund.

“Dr Rodgers said they look at increasing the budget from US$20 million to US$50 million to fund these programmes.”.

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