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Tourism Solomons begins campaign against plastic pollution

Quoting the Island Sun newspaper – 24 January 2019

“TOURISM Solomons (TS) has introduced the ‘reuse’ concept in its office as an attempt to address Honiara City’s high rate of plastic pollution and its impact towards the environment.

“The idea is called No Plastic Movement, and will start with the staffs, partners and visitors to their office. Actually it was implemented last year.

“As the initiator of the concept, TS Chief Executive Officer Mr Josefa Tuamoto said “we won’t allow any plastic bottles to be bought or used by the office and when we host functions we will ask our partners not uses them - as part of this movement - No Plastic Movement.

“Meanwhile, Mr Tuamoto said idea behind their initiative is to clean up Honiara and Solomon Islands as whole but also equally the environmental impact the plastic has on land and sea life.”

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