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Logging and saw mill-milling upstream of Honiara’s main water source blamed for turbidity and ongoing water shut-downs.

Residents of Honiara are regularly experiencing shut-downs in their water supply and the current water shortage in the city will be discussed at a meeting tomorrow.

Solomon Water is organising the “stakeholder briefing” to talk about the problems at the Kongulai Water Source.

The source supplies water to about 60 per cent of the city.

.In recent weeks, every time it rains, Solomon Water has had to shut down the source to avoid the dirty water entering its system.

When this happened, residents had to go without water for several days.

The situation has caused much outrage among city residents, with calls for the Government to step in and address the water shortage.

The most recent shutdown happened over the weekend during the heavy rain.

Solomon Water CEO, Ian Gooden, Director of Water Resources, Charles Bepapa, the Director of Environment, Joe Horokou, and the Director of Operations, Kevin Alu, are schedule to address the meeting.

Meanwhile, the Kongulai water source community says they are nor responsible for the pollution of the source.

They instead blamed logging activities upstream.

In a statement, the community said they are also victims because they depend on the source.

They also defended a saw million operation some of them are involved upstream, saying it’s a small operation that does not have any impact on the water source.

“The cause of the problem is the logging operation, not our milling,” the statement said.

“The loggers are responsible.

“So it’s good they’ve been issued notice to stop their operation.”

 “So for some members of the public to blame our small milling operation for the water problem is unfair.

“The blame must be laid squarely on the shoulders of the logging operation.”

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