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Party to pursue ‘preventative approach’ to health

Quoting the Island Sun newspaper- 1 March 2019

“The NATIONAL Transformation Party of Solomon Islands (NTPSI) will vigorously pursue the preventative approach’ to health in the country.

“Speaking at the launching of the Party in Honiara on Wednesday, President James Apaniai said currently, not much emphasis is placed on that approach.

“He said currently, the country is very much bogged down with curing diseases than preventing diseases.

“NTPSI believes that this is a wrong approach.

“As the saying goes, ‘Prevention is better than cure’,” he said.

“Apaniai, a former Attorney General, said NTPSI believes that preventative approach must begin in the home and in communities and it must be taught in schools.

“A radical approach must be adopted in the area of health if the country is to reduce the suffering, the unfortunate consequences of, and, not to mention, the huge costs to the country as a result of ill-health.

“Hospital facilities must be improved,” he said.

“Apaniai said health equipment must be upgraded and updated.
“Hospitals must be equipped with necessary and sufficient life-saving machines and equipment.

“Hospital environments must be conducive to improving health conditions – not worsening health conditions,” he said.

“Apaniai said hospital and clinics must be appropriately staffed with well-trained medical personnel.

“Conditions of service of medical staff must be reviewed and improved.

“Medical staff must be posted to appropriate divisions where their skills and knowledge can be usefully utilised,” he said.

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