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Other parts of the Pacific increase measles precautions

Quoting Radio New Zealand – 19 October 2019

“Only 62% of school children in American Samoa have completed the two doses of the Mumps, Measles and Rubella vaccination, prompting health officials to take action.

“Because of the current outbreak in neighbouring Samoa, the Department of Health is urging parents to make sure their children have been immunised for MMR.

“Samoa's government declared a measles outbreak this week, appealing for parents to vaccinate their children after a 14-month toddler "highly suspected" to have measles died in Apia.

“People in Vanuatu who will be taking part in the seasonal worker scheme in New Zealand must be immunised against measles before they depart.

“Nearly 5,000 ni-Vanuatu come to New Zealand each year under the RSE scheme.

“A government official, Leonard Tapilip, said the vaccination is an agreement between the Ministry of Health and the Labour Department to make sure workers entering New Zealand are safe from the measles outbreak currently in Auckland.

“All workers leaving Vanuatu for New Zealand must be injected two weeks or a month before they travel to New Zealand.

“There are no reported measles cases in Vanuatu.”

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