Prime Minister Sogavare outlines govt policy for infrastructure development for Guadalcanal and peace and security aspirations for all SI citizens

Prime Minister Sogavare outlines govt policy for infrastructure development for Guadalcanal and peace and security aspirations for all SI citizens

Posted by : Frank Short Posted on : 05-Aug-2021

Prime Minister Sogavare outlines govt policy for infrastructure development for Guadalcanal and peace and security aspirations for all SI citizens

Prime Minister Sogavare in his Second Appointed Day Speech in Marau, East Guadalcanal, made some important pronouncements beneficial for Guadacanal and all SI citizens.

The Solomon Times Online newspaper gave extended coverage to the PM’s address in Marau, and I quote the reported details.

Firstly, the Prime Minister said his government was committed to infrastructure development (in Guadalcanal) as this would help transport owners to continue to provide much needed transport services, investors to continue with normal businesses and rural farmers to bring their market produce to Honiara easily.

He added the Government will continue to support the maintenance and rehabilitation of Guadalcanal province feeder roads.

The Prime Minister explained that the Marau to Kuma road is also in plan for 2022/2023.

He said a survey has already taken place for the Mbokokimbo road to Aola in 2020 by Snowy Mountains Engineering cooperation (SMEC), an Australian company.

The Prime Minister went on to say-

A survey was also conducted for the white River to Lambi road in 2019 as well.

“It is my Government’s desire to see all these come into fruition. This is a commitment on the part of the Government to honour the Townsville Peace Agreement,” he said.

Prime Minister Sogavare added that the reopening of the Avuavu and Mbabanakira provincial airfields are very important for the ease of travelling and conducting business.

Therefore, he said the Government through the responsible ministries are working on plans to conduct feasibility studies to ensure these infrastructures are reopened and airline services resumed.

“Avuavu airport need scoping by engineers since the airport was closed for a long time. As for Mbabanakira airport, I understand that issues with the Solomon Airlines needs to be sorted out first before a survey can be conducted,” the Prime Minister said.

The PM went on to talk about national security and peace, saying – (again as quoted)

The peace and national security of the country and its citizens is a top policy priority of the Government, Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare says.

Prime Minister Sogavare said as a responsible Government the security and safety of its citizens is paramount.

In late 2020, the Government through the Ministry of Police, National Security and Correctional Services has launched the National Security Strategy and the National Border Security Strategy.

He said these Security Strategies will guide the Government in undertaking a holistic approach towards addressing issues of maintaining and upholding peace and security.

“It will set the focus in which the Government will deliver its security aspirations and ensuring that all citizens live in peace, harmony and prosperity,” he said.

The Prime Minister also acknowledged the peace loving people of Guadalcanal, for their commitment, contributions and aspiration to strive towards the maintenance of law and order, peace and security in its communities and the country as a whole.

Prime Minister Sogavare said maintaining peace and security is not an easy task and it will require everyone; inclusive of the National Government, Church groups, community leaders, Chiefs, and the Provincial Government, to collaborate in ensuring that we deliver on this policy.

Prime Minister Sogavare said he is also pleased that the Marau Peace Agreement, is still respected as this is a very significant chapter in the nation’s history.

“We have all witnessed, what the absence of peace and security has brought to the country, and it is our duty as Solomon Islanders, that this will not happen ever again. There will be challenges ahead, but it is in the best interest of this nation that we love dearly, to ensure that we face the challenges together to guarantee the progress of peace and prosperity,” the Prime Minister said.

Prime Minister Sogavare said Guadalcanal is a strategic and important province and the maintenance of peace and security will help develop Guadalcanal to greater heights.

He said though the current situation has affected our capacity to effectively engage on all security capacity as we might want, the Government will continue to ensure that relevant authorities must deliver on its security mandate.

“I value peace and security, and will continue to encourage the development, of capabilities across the country that serve to promote peace and security,” he said.

The Prime Minister said Guadalcanal Province, had gone through so much in the past but encouraged them to work together move forward as a peace-loving nation, with the respect and understanding towards building a better nation and a greater Guadalcanal Province.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister has welcomed the offer from the Guadalcanal provincial government to build better staff houses for police officers in the two new police stations in Aola and Avu Avu.

He said partnership in security development is very important.

“Yumi tugeda fo national security blo yumi,” the Prime Minister said.

Sources. OPMC and Solomon Times Online newspaper.

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