Project in Uganda: Mama Gloria“and the orphans

Project in Uganda: Mama Gloria“and the orphans

Posted by : Frank Short Posted on : 01-Jan-2023
Project in Uganda Mama Gloria and the orphans

1 January 2023

People at home in the Solomon Islands may wonder why I have chosen to post the story below as it has no relationship to the Solomons, but yet in a way it does if one considers how the Hearts of Hope (HoH Charity Mission once took care of the welfare needs of thousands of orphans and elderly widows in the hands of volunteer workers at the Mission in Malaita Province.

I have no information as to why the HoH Mission no longer remains but truly wish it did still operate to provide the care and the needs of so many vulnerable Malaitan people in need, especially the young orphans.

Perhaps someone reading this story might tell me what really happened to the HoH Mission and whether there is any possibility of seeing it return to once again carry out its aid assistance.

The story I refer to is this – quote.

By Melanie Wolfmeier

As Gloria Baker Feinstein flew to Uganda in 2006, her family was not exactly enthusiastic about her travel plans. The still relatively young democracy has had a few crises behind it. 2.5 million Children have been orphaned in the country by civil war and AIDS. The U.S. photographer met many of these kids and decided to return and make a difference.

By people, for people and through people“.

Feinstein has traveled to the East African country seven times so far. Near the small town of Kajjansi, she found the orphanage St. Mary Kevin, which she has supported through a project since 2007. „Mama Gloria“is her name among the children, whom she has always visited except for this year. Feinstein’s non-profit organization „Change the Truth“ now has many members. In addition to schooling, the volunteers also take care of providing the kids with clothing and medical care. The country is run under the motto „By people, for people and through people“ – Feinstein’s project supports precisely this attitude.

On their blog the U.S. photographer captures the experiences she has had in Africa during her travels. „The Ugandan people are among the warmest and most generous people I’ve ever met, “she explains of her fascination with the African nation. When asked how her African tours have affected her personally, she says.

As I continue to work on it, the project changes me in many ways. I think, primarily, it has given me the courage to face the uncertain and the scary with hope, light and resilience. “ The people in Uganda have shown her one thing above all: „I’ve learned what the true meaning of family and friends is. I’ve learned what hope and determination look like.”

End of quote.

Source – UK press report

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