Remaining strong and united as a nation

Remaining strong and united as a nation

Posted by : frank short Posted on : 17-Jun-2021

Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare and his delegation have returned to Honiara after a week- long successful tour of Temotu Province.

During the tour the Prime Minister delivered important messages to the Temotu Provincial government and the people.

Foremost of what the Prime Minister had to say involved a call for national unity.

Quoting from the Solomon Star newspaper today, Wednesday, Prime Minister Sogavare delivered the following messages.

1. This year’s Second Appointed Day theme ‘Our Temotu, Our future, Our responsibility’ underscores the reminder that the primary responsibility to see Temotu Province progress and be able to cope with the demands of the current changes in the country, lies in the hands of every people who call Temotu home.

2. Taking ownership of collective strategies, decisions, plans, and strategic actions are important ingredients of implementing a successful Provincial action Plan.

3. The relationship between the Provincial Government and National Government is governed by an act of Parliament, the Provincial Government Act. 

4. The Provincial Government as an agent of the national government should aspire to initiate developments that compliment, the National Government in the delivery of services. Ignoring this relationship is putting the future of the province and our country at risk.

5. The Temotu Provincial Government has an important role in ensuring Solomon Islands remain strong and united as a nation.

6. While shipping and infrastructure remain a major challenge for many provinces, it is more acute in Temotu given the distance between the islands and distance from Honiara. The National Government will assist Temotu Province address this development challenge.

7. Temotu Province has been a recipient of the Solomon Islands Enhancement for Agriculture Trade (SI-ECAT) project coordinated through the ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Project is directly benefiting PZTR, a Lata based company that is build one of the biggest pack-houses in the country. Once completed, the local company will buy locally produced agriculture products from farmers around Temotu and store for export.

8. The Nembo Water is a potential product for export and can be classified as mineral water in its own right, having met the World Health Organization standard. 

9. The ‘Temotu-Vanuatu Trade Route Report 2020’ has identified possible export products. These are in the areas of Fisheries, Agriculture, Livestock, Tourism, and bottled water.

10. The Democratic Coalition Government for Advancement in its redirection policy emphasizes supporting local farmers to export their products. The Solomon Islands- Vanuatu Trade Route (via Lata) is an opportunity to enable trade under the MSG Agreement.

11. Although hit hard by the global pandemic, DCGA plans to develop the Mendana Historical site at Graciosa Bay, a game fishing market, birdwatching, revisit tourism link to Santo and Develop one upmarket accommodation in the Reef Islands.

 Time was taken during the visit for medical supplies, agricultural tools, seedlings and food supplies to be distributed to the Chiefs and people of Tikopia, an Island of some 1,300 residents.

The Prime Minister made a point of visting Safoa and Terano Schools where he was met by many of the students waving hand held Solomon Islands flags.

At the Tukutaunga clinic medical supplies were handed over to the resident nurse in charge.

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