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Leprosy growing among children in SI

Quoting from Solomon Star newspaper – 5 February 2018

“Solomon Islands last year recorded 47 new cases of leprosy of which 10 are children.

“According to the Ministry of Health and Medical Services’ National TB/Leprosy Programme, Solomon Islands receives an average of 30 to 40 new cases of leprosy every year and among them are children.

“The ministry highlighted the issue of leprosy among children as Solomon Islands join the world to commemorate World Leprosy Day last Sunday.

“The theme was “healthy futures: preventing girls and boys from developing disabilities associated with leprosy”.

“The Ministry of Health and Medical Services said out of 100 newly diagnosed cases in Solomon Islands, an average of six to 12 will be children.

“Figures from the National TB/Leprosy Programme revealed that in 2017 Solomon Islands reported 47 new cases of which 10 a children, in 2016 forty-three new cases were reported of which six are children, 2015 thirty-one cases were reported of which three were children and in 2014 forty-eight new cases were reported of which 13 were children.

“The ministry said leprosy is a curable disease and can be easily treated with a course of Multi-drug Therapy (MDT).”

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