Respects paid to 14 boat travellers who were reported lost at sea on New Year’s Day.

Respects paid to 14 boat travellers who were reported lost at sea on New Year’s Day.

Posted by : Frank Short Posted on : 14-Jan-2022

Hundreds of people gathered in Gizmo’s St Peter's Cathedral recently for a memorial service to pay their respects to the boat passengers reportedly lost at sea on New Year’s Day.

It's been a tough two weeks for the families of the victims.

The whole public has been totally affected by the incident especially with young children involved in the tragedy... Everybody was there at the Cathedral whether they were related or not and wanted to show their support for the families. Gizo being such a small community-based township, everybody knows everyone.

After the memorial service, boatloads of mourners travelled out to sea to place wreaths for their loved ones.

Meanwhile a group of youths from South Malaita were rescued last Sunday after their boat capsized at Ulawa Island in the Makira Ulawa Province.

In a separate incident, the Solomon Star reported that 14 members of Roapu Youth Group were travelling on three boats when another boating incident happened.

The youths had set off for South Malaita from Su'u Moli on Ulawa around 7am on the Sunday.

One of the teenagers told the Star that at around 9am, the second boating carrying 13 capsized due to rough seas, but were fortunate to be met by the third boat.

The third boat had to return to Su'u Moli and drop off its passengers before returning to rescue those stranded.

The capsized boat could not be retrieved but all the passengers were safe.

Passengers on the first boat had contacted Taheramo Police to confirm their safe arrival in South Malaita.


The loss of 14 people at sea on New Year’s day was indeed a tragic incident and boating accidents involving the loss of passengers is very unfortunately all too common in Solomon islands water with sea travel in small boats very often the only means of transportation to destinations.

There must be regulation of boats and their operations, including a code of boating practice for boat operators and passengers, including safety measures to be adopted for all voyages.

My condolences are extended to all families that lost their loved ones in the New Year’s Day boating incident.

Yours sincerely

Frank Short

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