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 Allegations of improper rubbish dumping.

Quoting the Solomon Star newspaper – 15 February 2019

“THE alleged continuous negligence by the Honiara City Council (HCC) has seen increasing piles of rubbish being dumped beside the O1 White River bus stop in West Honiara.

“Chief from Tandai ward one (1) Charles Chilivi told North West Guadalcanal Solomon Star Stringer John Toki that more rubbish have been disposed by those vendors selling goods, vegetables, betel nuts and other cooked foods at the O1 market.

“Chilivi said he understands that the HCC has known well of that market and receiving fees from the vendors and should be responsible to collect and manage the rubbish disposal.

“He said they should provide proper bins for rubbish and avoid that area for dumping of rubbishes.

“He added they should rather close the market if they cannot manage the rubbish collection.

“The chief has called on the HCC to find a better market area for those vendors and improve things like security and health.

“He said currently that area lacks toilets, no security and no proper dumping site for rubbishes.

“Chief Chilivi said its another new year and that the HCC should improve some of its mandated rules and responsibilities for the good of its people.

“Meanwhile, that area was once an eye sore to social media last year after it was covered with all kinds of rubbishes from the market vendors as well as people surrounding White River.”

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