Screening process underway for work under the Australian Labour Mobility Program (LMP)

Screening process underway for work under the Australian Labour Mobility Program (LMP)

Posted by : frank short Posted on : 03-May-2021

I wrote several letters to the local SI media in the past few days in which I expressed hopes for Solomon Islanders to be able to travel to Australia and New Zealand as seasonal workers.

I also wrote about Australia’s Labour Mobility Program (LMP) which had seen several Solomon Islanders travel to Australia in the recent past and find gainful employment as meat workers.

Today, it happens that an article in the Solomon Star newspapers has heightened my hopes for more local recruits to be able to find work in Australia under the LMP arrangements.

Quoting the newspaper article it said.

A two-day screening process to recruit locals who are interested in participating in the Labour Mobility Program (LMP) commenced on Thursday.

The screening program featured 400 females and males.

Thursday’s screening involved about 200 females at the Maranatha Hall, East Honiara.

The screening process was undertaken due to large numbers of applicants. 

The Labour Mobility Unit (LMU) said such screening process is important to ensure only those who meet the Pacific Labour Scheme requirement are selected.

More screening will be conducted in the coming months.

Thursday’s screening featured interviews and fitness tests.

On Friday about 200 males are expected to undergo their screening.

The final selection of workers will be done by the overseas employers.

 End of quote.


I wish all applicants success in their interviews and tests and hope all will soon find the employment opportunities in Australia they are keen to have,

I thank Australia, too, for the LMU Programe that has proved to be so beneficial to Solomon Islanders and to the country

Yours sincerely

Frank Short

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