Serving the people and country

Serving the people and country

Posted by : Frank Short Posted on : 02-Jan-2023
Serving the people and country

2 January 2023

With a dearth of news from the Solomon Islands during this Christmas and New Year holidays, my attention has been focused on world news and events and the story that has most attracted my attention has been the return of Lula da Silva as the President of Brazil, sworn in for a second time in that office only yesterday.

I write very little here of President Lula and those interested enough to get more information about him, including how he was imprisoned after being convicted of corruption in office, but a conviction later dismissed as being false should turn to Wikipedia for all the facts.

What interests me about Lula da Silva is what it is said he did for his people when first elected President of Brazil and what on starting his second term he has promised to do again.

There can be no denying his achievements during his first term in office and I can only admire what he accomplished, wishing I had knowledge over the past 26 years of a matching major contribution to the people and the nation of the Solomon Islands by an elected government or political figure from any side of politics.

 I quote some brief facts from Wikipedia to help illustrate my admiration of how Lula brought hope and change to his people.


“Of working-class origin, he migrated as a child from Pernambuco to São Paulo with his family. He began his career as a metalworker and trade unionist.

Described as left-wing,[6][7][8] Lula's first presidency, which coincided with the first pink tide in the region, was marked by the consolidation of social programs like Bolsa Família and Fome Zero, leading Brazil to leave the UN's Hunger Map.[9] During his two terms in office, he undertook radical reforms, leading to growth in GDP, a reduction in public debt and inflation, and helping 20 million Brazilians escape poverty.[10] Poverty, inequality, illiteracy, unemployment, infant mortality, and child labor rates fell significantly, while the minimum wage and average income increased, and access to school, university, and health care were expanded. He played a prominent role in foreign policy, on a regional level (as part of the BRICS  global trade and environmental negotiations.”

End of quote.


In 2006, Lula da Silva was appointed Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the Bath by the United Kingdom.

Yours sincerely

Frank Short

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