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A beauty contestant with an important message for young girls and mothers battling cancer.

A story in today’s Island Sun newspaper written by Charles Kadamana tells the inspiring story of one of the aspiring contestants in this year’s Miss Solomon Pageant, Ms Gladys Habu.

Charles outlined his story by reporting, quote:

“The beauty of participating in the Miss Solomon Pageant is not about the physical appearance but to be able to speak out for people and voice out their concern.

“This was the view of Miss Coral Resort Gladys Habu who will be among the six contestants eying for this year Miss Solomon.

“Ms Habu, 24 year old from Kia in Isabel province will be advocating for young girls and mothers battling one of the deadly non communicable disease cancer.

“Ms Habu who graduated from Monash University with an Honors degree in pharmacy in an interview with this paper said she was inspired to contest in the Miss Solomon Pageant to give voice for those battling with cancer.

“She said when the Oncology (cancer) unit asked her to contest on this platform to voice their concern she did not give a second thought about it but take it.

“She said through the event she hopes to advocate specifically on breast cancer and cervical cancer which are two of the leading causes of death among women in the country.

“I am here on this platform to advocate and voice the concern of those battling cancer with a message for them to do regular medical check and never give up.

“I advise all women and young girls to do regular medical check if they find unusual things on their body and how things react in certain circumstances around them.

“They must be conscious and make sure to check up as soon as possible and never leave it until it is too late,” she said.
Ms Habu said a lot of people in the country only go to the National Referral Hospital when their illness reach terminal stage and she don’t want that to happen.

She said cancer should be dictated at an early stage and in that way treatment can be more effective to combat the disease.

She said apart of advocating for cancer she will also advocate for climate change.

Ms Habu said climate change has great impact in the life of women which make the task of women more difficult to ensure food is available at home.

She said she has been involving in advocating for climate change on international media.

“I had my stories on climate change broadcasted on 60 minutes Australia and ITV news in London which I talk about how my islands disappeared due to climate change,” Ms Habu added.

She said climate change also affects agriculture where women rely on to provide food.

“I say this because women in the country were supposed to make sure food is available at home and with climate change this makes it really difficult for women.

“They have to travel far in order to find suitable places to make gardens and get suitable crops to withstand the vast changes due to climate change and help maintain the diet that we need in the country,” she said.

“Adding to these she will also advocate for gender equality.

“I want to make women feel empowered to voice out their concern. I want to change the perspective where women sometimes doubt in themselves too much and feel they can’t combat challenges.

“I want to change that perspective and make all women be a little more adventures and takes on the challenges and see how they can go because you never know what is on other side unless you get into it,” she said.

“Ms Habu when asked about the other contestants said all the contestant are on this platform together and they are all ready to raise their voices on certain issues.

“All the contestant are lovely girls and we are all passionate to be the voice for change which I happy to have them on this same platform.

“We are all in this together and at the end of the day our goals is to empower women across the country,” she said.”

I wish all six contestants good luck in the forthcoming beauty pageant.

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