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Solomon Islands:  The importance and necessity of accurate information sharing.

The Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Health and Medical Services, Ms Pauline McNeil, has said her ministry has identified “gaps” that will need strengthening should there be the necessity of future lockdowns as part of COVID -19 preventative measures.

Ms McNiel mentioned reviewing operational procedures, as well as refreshing training and guidelines.

She stressed the need for timely and effective information sharing.

I entirely agree with what the Permanent Secretary feels necessary to improve in terms of information sharing.

COVID-19 is a deadly, unseen disease that has spread rapidly through the world causing deaths and untold economic losses and naturally people are very concerned should the virus reach the Solomon Islands.

The Solomon Islands government has put in a raft of emergency measures to keep COVID 19 away and so far with success.  It is seen as vitally important that the people are away of the safety and health precaution measures that are in place and need to be fully complied with by all.

The issuing of some 10,000 health advisory and safety notices was seen as essential and the right move.

Without wanting to sound alarmist the better and more accurate information the public have, from proper sources such as the Ministry of Health and Medical Services, the better informed the communities will be protected from COVID-19.

The ‘new normal’ which as seen restrictions of movement and the necessity of social distancing, as well as curfews and lockdown measures, all need to be properly explained to find acceptance and cooperation in keeping COVID-19 away.

Keep up the good work MHMS.

Yours sincerely

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