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In a recent press release published in the Solomon Times Online, the Solomon Islands Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SICCI) commented how properly executed infrastructure would be essential to the rebound of the Agricultural sector, which also needs to play a significant part in the economy’s recovery and sustainability.

Quoting SICCI’s press release, it said.

“There are two significant hurdles to an Agricultural rebound.

“The first is connectivity and the second is the lack of scalability due to limitations on land holding. However, agriculture is a key sector for the country and whilst we do see certain domestic consumption opportunities, we also see scope for increasing our internationally transportable commodities such as cocoa and coconut.”

Finally, the SICCI statement highlighted that banks and financial institutions also had their part to play in ensuring funds are made available for the Agricultural sector.

“Agriculture supports some 80% of the population however only attracts 1 to 2% of total bank lending.

“We trust the major banks will increase their support to this sector, complemented by players such as the newly formed DBSI who could capitalise on an opportunity to fill any gap in the market not serviced by these majors.”

Source: SICCI Media and Solomon Times Online.

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