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New Government will announce Census date

Quoting the Island Sun newspaper – 19 March 2019

“SOLOMON Islands will conduct its 4th National Population and Housing Census in November 2019, 10 years after the 2009 census.

“Caretaker Prime Minister Rick Houenipwela announced this in a Press Conference in Honiara yesterday.

“He said the actual date in November for the census will be announced by the new government during the official launch of the Census project which is likely to be in June 2019.

“My announcement today covers the month in which the census will be held to expedite census planning processes prior to the formal launch of the project,” he said.

The National Statistics Office of the Ministry of Finance and Treasury is mandated to execute the 2019 Census through the Census Office as has been the case in previous censuses.

Caretaker MP Houenipwela said the 2019 census will provide new data on our population, its distributions by age, gender, geography, employment, and other characteristics together with data on resources and economy among others, which will assist the new government to inform its policies and strategies going-forward for the next four years or more.

He said Solomon Islands has the highest growth rate in the Pacific islands region.

“We are destined to overtake Fiji as the second most populated country in the Pacific, by the early 1930s. 
“This is extremely worrying, because if we struggle now to accommodate our current population, the challenges will be far greater in the coming years with bigger populations.”

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