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The Covid 19 threat to the Solomon Islands puts the spotlight on the government to ensure an effective and well resourced health care service

In the light of the potential threat to the Solomon Islands from coronavirus the government needs to ensure effective and well resourced public health measures to prevent infection and contagion, and implement well-targeted policies to support health care systems and workers and protect the incomes of vulnerable social groups and businesses a virus outbreak.

The Solomon Islands has been spared so far from the dreaded and unseen virus infection now spreading through many countries and causes substantial deaths.

The measures so far introduced at home to prevent the intrusion of coronavirus, coupled with the testing and quarantine requirements have been credible and effective.

 Coronavirus first occurred in Wuhan in China in November 2019 and its global spread has been swift, dramatic and devastating even in those countries being well equipped in terms of health facilities and health resources.

The Solomon Islands is not so lucky to have the health facilities considered as necessary to treat those that might become seriously ill from catching the virus and needing intensive medical care over a lengthy period.

The plain message therefore should be for the Solomon Islands government to work, urgently, towards improving health care, health facilities, health care systems and providing the equipment and resources the health service is lacking.

An example, if any is needed, is the National Referral Hospital is without an Intensive Care Unit and is only now creating an Isolation Unit in response to the Covid 19 threat.

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Frank Short

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