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Solomon Islands: A local musical artist encouraged to inspire fellow youths in forming a national youth orchestra.

An Editorial piece in today’s edition of the Solomon Star newspaper tells the encouraging story of how local music artist, Lester Kisina, is now using his singing and musical talents to inspire fellow youths nationwide with positive messages on the theme of ‘Women and Equality.’

The 30-year old of mixed Western Province and Ren/Bell parentage has signed up to be an Agent of Change with Oxfam International’s initiative; Side by Side Campaign, a campaign to raise awareness on Gender Equality and eliminate Gender based violence.”

“The Side by side Campaign launched in Solomon Islands in 2017 is a movement of young people working together to effect positive change by changing societal beliefs and attitudes towards gender-equality and gender-based violence.”

The same Editorial piece mentioned Lester speaking about general youth issues and concerns, which I quote:

“My struggles also helped me understand the real life situations faced by our youths, especially those in the urban settings.”

“Young people with unruly behaviour should not be entirely blamed for such behaviour because not all bad human behaviours are intentional but are the consequences of family upbringing, societal and external influences.

“People tend to solely blame youths for their bad behaviour without ever giving a thought that their behavioural problem may stem from other factors such as family problems and greater societal issues such as lack of educational opportunities and employment.

“Youths are restless and look for inspiration almost everywhere and when they don’t find that, they engage in unwanted activities due to frustration and to get attention,” he further remarked.”

It was encouraging to read what Lester had to say, especially about societal issues such as a lack of education opportunities and unemployment which could very well result in behavioural concerns locally.

Given Lester’s own musical background and talent, plus his keen desire to motivate his fellow youths, I would wish he could consider and support, perhaps even with Oxfam help, the creation of a national youth orchestra that I have long-advocated.

The Solomon Islands Piano Association (PASI) with its talented young musicians and dedicated part-time instructors is seen as the fore-runner of a much wider orchestral group and the reason I am endeavouring to ensure a group of musicians from the United Kingdom travel to Honiara to give music lessons and practical advice to the youths already enrolled with PASI.

It is best if motivation for a national youth orchestra starts at home and I see Lester being an excellent motivator if he will take up the challenge.

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Frank Short

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