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Seeking speedy and practical measures to assist patients with leg amputations

As readers will know I have often written about the plight of those former patients of the Solomon Islands Referral Hospital, and those still in the hospital, that have undergone surgery and had a lower limb amputated.

There are known to be several hundred suffering the loss of a leg and handicapped in life or retained in hospital prior to their discharge because of the shortage of walking aids such as crutches or wheel chairs.

In recent days I have been in touch with the Medical Superintendent at the NRH about the ongoing need for walking aids and also been trying to find a donor, or donors, that might possibly assist.

Since the old mobility workshop became derelict at the NRH it has been demolished and there is seen to be a need for a portable facility to replace it.

It has again occurred to me that a metal container, say 2O ft in length, converted into a workshop, could meet the present and ongoing needs at the NRH for the making of prosthetic limbs utilizing the skills of the three technicians that recently returned from overseas having been trained to manufacture prosthetic limbs.

I sounded out the Medical Superintendent at the NRH on such an idea and he was in general agreement.

Now arises the issue of getting such a 20 ft container, fitting it out as a workshop and having it delivered to the NRH.

Would anyone in the Solomon Islands, or anyone or organization externally, consider such much needed assistance?

It has been far too long that now disabled people without a leg have had to endure their handicap and often lost work chances as a result of their impairment.

Please will someone, somewhere, come to help?

The idea of getting crutches, as an alternative means of help, is still in mind but I am hoping the container solution I have outlined will be met and adopted.

Yours sincerely

Frank Short

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