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Training for Malaita justices

Quoting from the Solomon Star newspaper – 4 October 2018

“MALAITA province will have the first local Authorized justices who will have the power to issue the Interim Protection Order ((IPO) on crimes related to the Family Protection Act (FPA).

“Fifteen local Authorised justices are currently being trained on the Family Protection Act.

“The training aims to build their capacity and increase their knowledge of Authorised justices on how they should carry out their duties as stated by the Public Protection Act (FPA).

“The training was held in Auki since Monday and will end on Friday this week.

“Prior to the training the FPA has given the power to local Authorised justices to issue Interim Protection Orders to any perpetrator or defender of a crime related to FPA.

“This means that the survivors of domestic violence can have access to IPO form from the local Authorised justices if they experience violence.

“A local Authorised justice, Nelson Ne’e, said the FPA training has given clear understanding and power to Issue IPO to defender of crime related to FPA.

“Australia and the United Nation Trust Fund funded the training.

“The pilot project was implemented by Pacific Resource Team (SPC RRRT) together with Ministry of Women, Youth, Children and Family Affairs and Ministry of Justice and Legal Affairs.”

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