More nurses to get appointment

Quoting the Island Sun newspaper = 24 September 2019

“As more nurses leave the country for Vanuatu, more are on the path to getting their appointments, it is reported.

“Chief Executive Officer of the National Referral Hospital (NRH), Dr Steve Aumanu, confirmed at least 75 new nurses will soon get their appointment.

“Aumanu said these nurses are doing their attachments in rural areas.

“He revealed at least 34 local experience nurses have resigned and has left a huge gap to their service.

“Aumanu said the decision by these nurses to resign is their personal choice.

“He said following their resignation, there remains at least 80 experience nurses.

“The 34 local nurses resigned to join the Vanuatu health service. The neighbouring Vanuatu made an open call to the region that it needed 200 nurses.

“The issue of nurses leaving in search for good entitlement has raised serious concern.

“Some politicians have openly expressed their concern about this issue.”

Copyright @ 2019, Island Sun newspaper.

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