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Malaita MPs call for women support

Quoting the Solomon Star newspaper – 25 June 2018

“Prime Minister Rick Hou appeals to the Malaita women to work hard to convince the resource owners to support the economic and development aspiration of the government.

“He made the appeal during the Malaita Women’s dialogue with Members of Parliament on Women and Gender concerns and interests held at the Paul Tovua Complex conference room last Wednesday.

“The dialogue was to give space for women to highlight the policy priority outcomes expressed in the Malaita Women’s Empowerment and Development Policy 2018-2020 with the national leaders of Malaita province.”

“The policy contains seven priority outcomes which includes improved economic status of women and increased economic empowerment initiatives, improved women’s access to land, water and sanitation, respond to reduce gender based violence and violence against women, build peaceful communities and acknowledgment of women’s roles in peace building and preservation of cultural identity, equal participation of men and women in leadership roles and decision making, established enabling environment for women’s access to services for women’s health and education and young children education and resource and strengthen institutional capacity of women’s machinery.

“Mr Hou while he acknowledges the issues highlighted and expressed in the policy by the women said that one challenging issue is with the resource owners particularly on land issue.

“He said there are some leaders who have tried hard to implement projects like road access and market but one problem is the land disputes.

“My constituency have tried hard to make road access and we want to build market house in the constituency but yesterday (Tuesday) I received notice that I have to pay before the market is built,” he said.

“Mr Hou said these are some of the examples of the challenges the government have faced which need the support from the Malaita women.

“Member of Parliament for East Kwaio Stanley Sofu also supported the call from the Prime Minister for Malaita women to support the government.

“He said the policy has highlighted the real need of the women but there must be support from the resource owners.

“I appeal to you to play the role to give an understanding to the resource owners because you are the one who experienced it,” he told the Malaita women attending the dialogue.

“Members of Parliament who also attend the dialogue are Opposition Leader and MP for East Malaita Manasseh Maelanga, Auki LangaLanga MP Mathew Wale, Baegu Asifola MP David Tome, West Kwaio MP Peter Tom and MP for Central Kwara’ae Jackson Fiulaua.”

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