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Guadalcanabased noni fruit cultivation and sales should provide the much needed incentive for the commercial production of other agricultural crops and produce.

The report that the Member of Parliament for Northwest Guadalcanal, Bodo Dettke paid a courtesy visit to the Governor General, Sir David Vunagi, GCMG, at the Government House on Tuesday to update him on the progress and developments in the noni industry in Guadalcanal came as good news.

I understand Mr.Dettke to have told the Govern-General that several youths were already gainfully employed in picking the noni fruit and earning money for themselves and their families

The earlier news that a commercial project in West Kwaio to cultivate and market pineapples was starting up was equally satisfying news.

The cultivation of kava, cassava, ginger, lavender, cocoa and even fresh orchids are commodities that are in demand and have the potential for profits from the land.

I hope the success of the noni fruit enterprise will encourage the growing and marketing of the alternative crops I have mentioned, including pineapples, and perhaps the ‘hands on’ farming methods  now evident in rural Guadalcanal could prove to be the incentive needed.

I should just mention, too, the potential of honey as a valued export commodity and one that sees honey sell well in Thailand for the benefit of local bee keepers in rural areas.

Yours sincerely

Frank Short

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