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Music education and practical training motivating the young musicians of PASI

The young musicians that are members of the Solomon Islands Piano Association (PASI) are mid-way through their first week of an intensive programme of instrument training and music education under the expert guidance of the trio of professional musicians, the Dionysus Ensemble, that have flown out from  the United Kingdom to lend PASI a hand.

Today, Wednesday, the trainee musicians have been compiling music scores for themselves and will progress as the course proceeds to perform in two public concerts with the visiting trio.

The Dionysus Ensemble’s work compliments the work done by the local organizers and volunteer instructors of PASI who, largely without funds, have struggled for several years to see to the music education of the young members of the Association.

As far as I am aware music education is still not a feature of the local High School curriculum, despite the many advantages music knowledge contributes to better educational attainments and a love of the arts.

Yours sincerely

Frank Short

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