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Solomon Islands:  Patriotism, unity and pride.

There is a local story in Honiara today that the Solomon Islands Port Authority is erecting a huge flagpole to fly the national and regional flags.

It is said by flying the national flag it is hoped there will be a greater sense of pride in the Solomon Islands and be seen as a symbolic move to enhance, pride, unity and patriotism in the country.

I cannot disagree with the desire to create a stronger sense of patriotism, unity and pride.

I supported an earlier call by the Prime Minister to initiate a flag raising ceremony each morning at national schools, such as the ceremony I once had pleasure in attending at St John’s morning assembly.

Raising the national flag is symbolic and wholly praiseworthy but incremental to the greater need for all citizens to be honest and deal with each other in a genuine manner, and accept  responsibility and obligation to care for the welfare of each other, including those with disabilities in the community, for the greater benefit of all Solomon Islanders.

Flying the banner must work towards strengthening a common vision and a greater sense of belonging by all people, where diversity is appreciated and in which strong and positive relationships exist and continue to be developed .

Patriotism should be inculcated during childhood because when children love their home and country, they grow up appreciating their heritage, diversity and history, and strive to improve their country in all aspects.

The Solomon Islands currently faces the threat of COVID- 19 and has endured and come through many past trials.

National unity and social integration should be made stronger and more vibrant through the inculcation of patriotism.

Diversity of the nation is strength and the recipe for attaining greater success in achieving development and socio-economic progress.

Yours sincerely

Frank Short

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