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Experts from US and Australia flown in to save stricken vessel

Quoting the Island Sun newspaper – 14 February 2019

“Bintan Mining Ltd and the owners of Solomon Trade which ran aground on a coral reef at Kangava Bay in Rennell have deployed salvage experts from the United States and Australia in preparation for a major operation to free the stricken vessel.

“These experts are a Salvage Master who was flown in from Houston USA and a Salvage Surveyor from Australia. Both men are now on Rennell to prepare salvage work. The salvage surveyor was flown to Rennell on the weekend just before bad weather sets in.

“He is there to do actual Survey of the Vessel,” Bintan Mining Ltd said in a statement last night.

“The company said a Salvage Engineer also came in from Australia on Monday “and we are trying to send him to Rennell but bad weather is causing flight cancellations so we are exploring other means to send Him over.”

“The Solomon Trader ran aground on the Coral Reef at Kangava Bay on 5th February this year.

“Since then the company and the vessel owner have taken “immediate and necessary steps to address the unfortunate situation,” the statement said.”

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