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National unity and courage needed in the Solomon Islands in the fight against Covid-19

Speaking from the floor of Parliament on Monday this week, the Prime Minister, Manesseh Sogavare, said Solomon Islanders, together, could best tackle the threats posed by Covid-19, by remaining calm and working with the government as it went about facing the issues and doing everything possible to address them.

Clearly it is testing time for everybody in the Solomon Islands but I believe it is absolutely correct what the Prime Minister said because I have personally seen the people in the Solomon Islands overcome many adversities, based on their Christian faith which remains strong, and with determination and resilience move on.

I will outline what Prime Minister Sogavare had to say because I believe it necessary to demonstrate to the outside world, via my website, the kind of strength and resilience others need to apply when confronting COVID 19.


 “I encourage each and every one of us to help address this threat and avoid allowing panic and fear to divide us as a nation.”

We are a small country and vulnerable to disasters, extreme weather and any outbreak if or when it hits us, we have experienced in the past.”

I cannot over emphasise the importance of working in collaboration. If there is a time that demands unity, understanding, and cooperation, that time is now.”

 “The reality of the pandemic nature of the coronavirus is causing fear amongst our people.”

“To date and despite our purported lack of institutional capacity to comprehensively address a potential nationwide wide outbreak, we have taken all precautionary measures to prevent the virus from arriving to our shores and remained one step ahead with Cabinet imposing restrictions soon after the initial outbreak in China over a month ago, to regulate arrivals into the country by both land and sea,”

“The government has been working tirelessly to address the COVID-19 global pandemic by taking a systematic and whole of government approach to the issue and this has also involved activation of internal mechanisms and safeguards combined with assistance from our donor and bilateral partners.”

“The Solomon Islands was the first in the region to implement such measures with our more developed neighbour taking similar actions less than 24 hours after our Cabinet decision was made.”

“I encourage all of us to fight this as a country and not as a government, civil society or as a private sector. We all have a role to play in conquering the corona pandemic.”

Who, if any, could disagree with the need for national unity at such a worrying time?

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health and Medical Services is now able to further inform the public about the deadly COVID-19 through social media.

This came after the Ministry of Health's Facebook page was successfully set up and will be administered by the Ministry of Health officials

This page is mainly for those accessing FB and social media networks to access accurate and facts information.

 One can access the MOMS Face book page on this site

The MHMS through its Health Promotion Department also continues to give awareness to government ministries, non-government ministries (NGO), State-Owned Enterprise (SOE) and other stakeholders.

I want also; to tell readers of this piece that a wire agency called 9 Scroob sent me information today which I consider worth sharing.

Here is what I received, and I quote:

“The first human trial of the vaccine for the prevention of coronavirus has been launched in Seattle, USA. US Health Department officials gave this information on Monday. A statement by the US National Health Institute (NIH) said that the trial will be carried out on 45 healthy volunteers of 18 to 55 years. On Monday, the first participant was given a test vaccine. It will take several months to complete the vaccine test.”

Drug trials Start

Paris: French giant Sanofi and US Regeneron Pharmaceuticals have started clinical trials of a new drug on patients infected with Covid-19. These companies said that the second and third phase trials of the drug Kevjara related to the immune system are going on. Regeneron Pharmaceuticals will test his test in the US, while Sanofi plans to test in Italy. Italy is among the countries most affected by the coronavirus outbreak. Kevzara is an antibody that destroys the strength of some viruses and thus protects humans from affecting the immune system. It is in the process of development since 2017. The study will include about 400 patients.

India will take one-and-a-half years to develop a vaccine.

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