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An agreement forecast as being beneficial to Solomon Islanders, their children and future generations.

We must plan for tomorrow.

“Plan things that will benefit our children, their children and their children’s children.

“Let’s not be egotistical or selfish and take all the benefits for ourselves today. No.” (Ben Afuga)

It was reported last week that seven tribes that own aggregate resources in the Tina River area in central Guadalcanal signed an agreement with the Hyundai Engineering Company Ltd [HEC] to supply aggregate sources to help with the construction of the Tina Hydro Dam in Central Guadalcanal.

Hyundai Engineering Company Ltd [HEC] is a Korean firm engaged in the construction of the Dam.

The agreement signed last Tuesday, 3rd December 2019, related to the development of the aggregate resources located along the river in front of the Tina Community, and the tribes agreed that HEC collects, transports and uses aggregates as construction materials, and pays royalties under conditions set out in the agreement.

Speaking during the signing ceremony on behalf of the seven tribes, the Interim Chairman of the Vatumarasa Resources Ltd, Ben Afuga, who heads the negotiations with HEC, said they fully support the Tina Hydro project and was quoted saying:

“Our tribes see the importance of the Tina Hydro project therefore we have allowed our aggregate resources to be used for the development of the dam which is the main ingredient of the Tina Hydro project.”

“After intense negotiations, we agreed and managed to finally sign the agreement,” he added.

This is a demonstration of our support and we will work with Hyundai Engineering to ensure the dam is completed within its timeline, and that our people receive the benefits of this development.”

It was claimed, Ha Huang Ryle, the project manager of the Hyundai Engineering Company Limited, was excited about the signing and promised the seven tribal landowners that his company would work hand in hand with the resource owners to ensure they benefit from the development.

“We are happy and we need your cooperation to achieve our purpose,” Ryle told representatives of the seven tribes at during the signing ceremony.

According to local media reports, HEC will pay royalties and utilizes aggregates as construction materials.

“HEC will collect transport aggregates and install and operate a crusher plant.

“Furthermore HEC will maintain a route for aggregate transportation.

“The tribes will establish a company for the gain of licences for aggregates development and for the operation of a quarry.

“They will also supply road access to the quarry, and for transportation of aggregates.

“The aggregate development period will be four years, and should commences on 6th December and lapse in December 2023.

“However, if additional stockyard is available, additional development is possible.

“According to study reports by HEC, the total area for the source of aggregates is 482,200 cubic meters.

“As a way to minimize and collectively resolve issues which always hinder big projects, the tribes agreed to settle civil complaints and disputes.

“The seven tribes shall be responsible to settle any civil complaints and disputes about aggregate development for the sake of construction implementation.

“The responsibility for dispute resolution rests with our tribes.

“Issues like traffic interruption, disputes with the existing logging road and others between quarry site and access road of construction is ours, so we have a huge responsibility ahead of us,” Afuga said.

“Vatumarara Resources Ltd [VRL] is the tentative name for the local company that will manage and control the quarry development and operation during the development period.

In terms of employment, Mr.Afuga promised tribal members that VRL will soon be providing employment besides the Tina Hydro project.

He went on to say, quote:

“Human resources from our tribes and communities will be recruited first for collection of aggregates and operation of a quarry, whilst HEC will recruit people for running and maintenance of a crusher plant.

“Employment in Central Guadalcanal will be huge given this development, the Tina Hydro project, the Gold Ridge Mining project which sets to get into full operation first quarter of next year, the Win-win Alluvial mining and logging operations in Central Guadalcanal.

“But the real challenge for us is how to utilize the benefits for future generation.

“We must plan for tomorrow.

“Plan things that will benefit our children, their children and their children’s children.

“Let’s not be egotistical or selfish and take all the benefits for ourselves today. No.

“Under my leadership, this is not going to happen,”

Source: Solomon Star News.

Work on the aggregate development at Tina River is expected to begin soon.

Let me end with a quotation I believe is appropriate.

I cannot do all the good that the world needs. But the world needs all the good that I can do.” ― (Jana Stanfield)

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