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22 January 2019

“Never be so busy as to not think of others.”

It has been encouraging to read recently in the Solomon Islands press of local youths, individuals and community groups undertaking volunteer projects such as rubbish collection and aiding the National Referral Hospital (NRH).

Today’s Island Sun newspaper cited the good work undertaken by the Pan Oceanic Bank in past days.

Here is a quote from the paper’s article.

“The Pan Oceanic Bank continues to be the model bank, not only in its commercial services but in its community service.

“Staff of the bank paid a visit to children with impairment and their families.

“They also visited children and families at the rubbish dump site and Christian Care Centre in East Guadalcanal.

“Speaking during the visits, Kumar Wickramarachchi CEO for POB said the visits are very important since helping other people is an important part of living a good life; as well it builds stronger social connections to friends and communities.

“If you love someone with a disability you may think of them as just another normal individual as helping isn’t a one way street where you do something good for someone and then you both go about your way.

“Hence, when you’ve touched someone’s life in a positive way, you feel connected to them; it’s a bonding experience. It builds trust through cooperation which not only brings them closer to you; it brings you closer to them,” he said.

“Mr. Kumar also stated that the visits are per part of their (POB) continuous program undertaken to suit the needs of the people in the Solomon Islands, where activity limitations and participation restrictions in life situations are affecting them.

“He added that the visiting and gifts donation initiative, was perceived when they learned about the situations and how such people are (living) far and not able to access the many developments in the country, as they are always overlooked.”

I heartily thank Mr. Kumar of POB, and all those who go out of their way to do volunteer service for others and I would ask that the handicapped, physically disabled and those needing medical care never be forgotten.

“Never be so busy as not to think of others.”

Mother Teresa

Yours sincerely

Frank Short





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