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22 August 2019

Honiara:� Volunteer youth project undertaken to help maintain cleanliness in the capital city.

It is greatly encouraging to have learned from reading the Solomon Star this morning, Thursday that youths from three communities in Honiara yesterday conducted a clean-up of the underpass between the ITA Hardware and Central Plaza.

I offer my congratulations to Ms Alice Erik, the youth programme manager, and to all the young people involved in the intensive clean-up activities.�

The Honiara Lord Mayor, Mr. Wilson Msaemae, is also thanked for the part he and the Honiara City Council played in calling for Honiara to be a �liveable city.�

Quoting from the Solomon Star Lachlan Eddie had said:

�More than a hundred youths came out in numbers to clean and scrub the underground walkway which has been covered with dirt, betel nut stains and various graffiti.

�There were lots of plastics being collected which had been littered by people passing through the tunnel over the past months which had not been collected.

�Youth program manager Alice Erick said the cleanup of the underpass was part of an activity planned by the youths to help beautify the city.

�She said engaging the youths in such activities was important so that they could contribute and make an impact in the city through their work.

The activities are important to engage youths in helping the community and the city rather than involving in anti-social criminal activities that deface our country from developing,� she said.

�Ms Erick added such projects are important to shape the youths to be good citizens of the nation while developing good behaviour.

�A fortnight ago the youths conducted similar community service work through an exchange exercise.

�This had involved youths from Borderline conducting a community clean-up in White River while White River youths also did the same at Borderline.

We have received feedback from communities that expressed appreciation for such community work,� she said.

�Ms. Erick said the two implementing partners were the Honiara City Council (HCC) and Young Women Christian Association (YWCA).

�The other key stakeholders were the Ministry of Women, Youth, Children and Family Affaires.

�She also acknowledged other key stakeholders that had also support the youths.

�Last week the youths joined international youth week celebration at Multi-Purpose Hall.�

Thanks to all and, again, well done!

Yours sincerely

Frank Short

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