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The music of Natty Dolaiasi, the culture of Solomon Islands and Solomon Airlines will be prominent in Australia this month during a series of music festivals, performances and other cultural activities made possible with flight support of Solomon Airlines.

Mr Dolaiasi flew out to Brisbane yesterday en route to the Byron Harmony Festival, an annual multicultural festival in the world famous destination of Byron Bay. The festival is part of the ‘National Harmony Day’ celebrations taking place across Australia.

In the lead up to the Byron Harmony Festival and supported by Multicultural NSW, a Youth Cultural Project will also inspire and encourage local young people to celebrate their own cultures, learn about other cultures and develop cultural awareness.

He will also draw attention to Solomon Islands during performances with his ‘Island Vibe Band’, during solo performances, radio interviews and touring local arts and culture venues throughout Northern New South Wales.

Following the Byron Harmony Festival, Mr Dolaiasi will fly to Bali where he has been invited to participate in a major cultural festival in Bali called Bali Spirit Festival. He will also tour and share Solomon Islands culture in a variety of venues throughout Bali.

“Solomon Airlines is pleased to support this programme which will take place over several weeks in South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales.”

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