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28 March 2019

Solomon Islands:  Reducing the incidences of Tuberculosis, Leprosy, Diabetes and other NCD related diseases and illnesses.

In the last few hours in the Solomon Island, Dr. Hazarika, the World Health Organisation’s Adviser for Communicable Diseases told an invited audience at the World Tuberculosis Day celebration that there are around one hundred people suffering from tuberculosis in the Solomon’s community that are needing treatment.

Ms Hazarika said that out of an estimated 500 cases of TB in the country, 385 had been noted by the Solomon Islands National TB Programme.

Ms Hazarika told her audience that TB is completely curable with a full course of treatment.  She said that early diagnosis not only helps the person to start treatment soon and to get cured, but also reduces the chances of transmission of the bacteria to his or her family members, friends and colleagues.

At the same gathering, the Permanent Secretary of the MoHMs, Ms. Pauline McNeil, said Solomon Islands is progressing well with its target to eliminate TB by 2035.

Ms McNiel said the success in combatting TB had been remarkable given the fact that the Solomon Islands TB programmes had to have relied on antiquated tools such a microscope for diagnosing TB.

If the TB programme is currently handicapped with “antiquated tools.” I would very much hope such a vital medical programme is provided with the diagnostic equipment as soon as possible following the election of new MPs and the formation of a new Solomon Islands government committed to improving health services and working towards ending tuberculosis, leprosy and reducing the incidences of diseases brought on by a lack of a proper diet, lack of exercise and too much reliance on alcohol.

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