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 SI Govt on ICT priorities

Quoting the Solomon Star newspaper – 23 May 2018

“THE Minister for Communication and Aviation says Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is very important to elevate the country’s socio-economic development but it needs preparation to fully exploit its positive impacts.

“Hon. Peter Channel made the statement during last week’s event to mark the National ICT day in Honiara.

“He said, with the Government’s perspective, ICT is permanently revolutionising the way things are done which the government recognises as one of its priority areas.

“SIDCCG recognises the importance of ICT and is reflected as one of the priority area in the SIDCCG Policy Translation and Strategies program (d). That includes the implementation of the National ICT Policy, and initiating the process to establish relevant legislations relating to ICT,” he said.

“The Minister said, as of January 2018, SIG was able to attain two milestones in the National ICT development, including: accession to the ITU constitution, which grants the voting right to Solomon Islands during the ITU General Assembly, and establishment of a new agreement with the Australian government to lay the submarine fibre optics cable from Australia to Honiara and domestic cables from Honiara to Auki and Honiara to Munda.

“Beside the international achievements, my ministry is prioritising the following agendas: Relocation of ICTSU to MCA for central coordination of ICT services and Implementation of E-education, e-commerce, E-health, and e-government.

“For a robust and safe environment for ICT development, his Ministry is currently doing a preliminary assessment to initiating the process for establishment of a national cyber security policy, cyber-crime legislation and information privacy and data security law,” he added.

“The Minister said, alongside SIG’s support to the development of this sector, all ICT stakeholders must work in collaboration to encourage the positive usage of ICT and we must work together to minimise the negative impact of ICT.

“He then assures that his Ministry will continue to collaborate with all stakeholders, to enable the use of ICT in our beloved nation to improve the socio-economic development of Solomon Islanders. “

Copyright:  Solomon Star

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