Posted by : Posted on : 04-Aug-2020

Solomon Islands needs to stand united and work towards furthering initiatives to grow the economy.

Solomon Islands remains free of Covid-19 but remains vulnerable to the pandemic which, this week, saw a rise in coronavirus cases in neighbouring Papua New Guinea.

The tourist trade to the Solomon Islands is at a standstill and, largely as a consequence; the SIG is experiencing a cash flow problem in finance collection.

The Government’s Economic Stimulus Package (ESP) has been introduced to try and enable the economy to pick-up.

Kava production has stepped-up and some growers have already reaped the rewards from their crops.

I would encourage the SIG to further fund initiatives to see farmers grow more local commodities for exports.

Furthering ESP help would have beneficial impact for ordinary farmers and resource owners which could have the greater potential to create jobs in the informal sector and generate demand for business, including for wholesalers and retailers.

The fight against Covid-19 is likely to be lengthy if one considers global reports on the pandemic with news of the continuation of border closures and lock-downs, even in countries as close as Australia.

Any further talk of a so-called international ‘travel bubble’ is on hold for the time being even though two of New Zealand’s busiest airports have sketched out their plans for an international travel bubble should the New Zealand government sanction and announce one.

Amidst the ongoing crisis, the Solomon Islands must be united.

Yours sincerely

Frank Short

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