Continue to Support the Royal British Legion in the United Kingdom

Continue to Support the Royal British Legion in the United Kingdom

Posted by : Frank Short Posted on : 15-Jun-2024

On 4th July there will be a UK General Election in the United Kingdom (UK)

General Elections are an important opportunity for us to ensure that the next UK Government pledge their support for the Armed Forces community.

The Royal British Legion and Poppyscotland’s 2024 manifesto, Supporting those who Serve Us, outlines our top five priorities for the next Government to better support the Armed Forces community.

As a member of the Royal British Legion, myself, we need public help to ensure the needs of our Armed Forces community are recognized and championed by the next Government.

Please I ask all to support those who serve in the UK Armed Services and our armed services veterans by considering donating to the Royal British Legion

It is important that the RBL Improve access to services for families: All governments in the UK should provide additional funding for Service children with a disability or special needs, to help mitigate the challenges of mobility and separation of Service.

I write this in my personal capacity as a military veteran and member of the RBL and while aware it is entirely legitimate for the RBL to campaign during a General Election, as a charity but the RBL remains impartial. The RBL is bound by charity and electoral law in the UK to avoid making any statements or holding or participating in any events that suggest our support for a particular party or candidate.

I support no UK political party or a particular candidate but write urging continued support for the UK Royal British Legion in support of the work of the RBL and write this appeal in my personal capacity as a UK military veteran and member of the RBL,


Frank Short, CBE, MA. LL.B.

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